Data acquisition system for test and measurement applications

Micro-Measurements’ System 9000 StrainSmart Data Acquisition System is designed for test and measurement applications. It features a scanner with 12 RJ-45 strain gage inputs and four configurable auxiliary slots to accommodate signals from thermocouples, piezoelectric sensors, and high-level voltage sensors. The System 9000 provides scanning rates up to 50,000 samples/second and supports full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations. It is designed for the automotive, aerospace, rail, consumer, and military testing industries. Users can deploy scanners independently or use up to three together for 48 channels (36 strain gage and 12 configurable) of fully synchronized data acquisition. Each channel’s data is processed in a 24-bit digital signal processor with filtering via finite impulse response (FIR) multi-state filters for noise rejection, stability, and measurement accuracy. The System 9000’s scanner communicates with a host PC via an auto-configured 100 Mbit DHCP Ethernet connect


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