Gas ultrasonic flow meters with measurement verification

Emerson Process Management’s Daniel gas ultrasonic flow meter platform provides two meters and transmitters in a single body to help natural gas operators and pipelines improve reliability and efficiency. Available in 3415 (four-path + one-path) and 3416 (four-path + two-path), gas ultrasonic flow meters combine a four-path fiscal meter with an additional check meter, while the 3417 (four-path + four-path) meter provides two fiscal meters for full redundancy and equal accuracy within one meter body. This two-in-one redundant design delivers continuous on-line verification of custody transfer measurement integrity, device health and process conditions. Both ultrasonic meters measure flow using four horizontal chordal paths in addition to a reflective path. The 3416 meter is equipped with an additional vertical reflective path to detect liquid at the bottom of the meter. Users can leverage the Daniel 3417 gas ultrasonic meter with its dual-plane configuration that combines two independe


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