Meter, mix, and dispense system with flow control, servo motor options

Graco’s (NYSE:GGG) PR70 Meter, Mix and Dispense Systems are configurable with flow control and servo motor options, which is designed to produce accurate and consistent beads in adhesive and sealant applications. The PR70 line also offers fixed ratio, variable ratio, and advanced data control models and is ideal for a range of applications such as including bonding and sealing, potting, gasketing, encapsulation, and syringe filling. The PR70 Meter, Mix, and Dispense System’s stainless steel design provides ratio accuracy of ±1% and the system’s linear transducer monitors piston velocity to ensure accurate dispense ratios. Its automated dispense meters enable operators to program shot sizes from 2 to 70 cc. These features save costs across a range of dispense applications by dramatically reducing waste and rework over competing systems. The Graco Control Architecture (GCA), with built-in diagnostics for quick troubleshooting is designed to make the PR70 user-friendly. It also features


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