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Benefits of ISO 9001:2015

Benefits of the new standard

Bringing Quality and Continuous Improvement into the heart of your business
The revised standard will ensure that quality management is now completely integrated and aligned with the business strategies of your organization
Greater involvement in the management system by the leadership team will ensure the whole organization will be motivated towards the organizations goals and objectives.
Introduction of Risk & Opportunity Management
Reinforces use of the management system as a governance tool and will help identify business opportunities that contribute to bottom line improvements.
An Integrated Approach
With the new structure applicable to all new ISO management systems standards it wll be much easier to implement multiple, integrated management systems.
The new ISO 9001 structure

from BSI Website: http://www.bsigroup.com


New ISO 9001: 2015

The latest edition of ISO 9001, ISO’s flagship quality management systems standard, has just been published. This concludes over three years of revision work by experts from nearly 95 participating and observing countries to bring the standard up to date with modern needs.

The 2015 edition features important changes, which Nigel Croft, Chair of the ISO subcommittee that developed and revised the standard, refers to as an “evolutionary rather than a revolutionary”
(Source ISO.Org)