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Five challenges for process manufacturers in the food and beverage industry

Process manufacturers face problems keeping up with strict regulations in labeling, traceablility,…


Water solenoid valves for food and beverage applications

AutomationDirect’s family of potable water solenoid valves are designed for food and beverage…

Actuator for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications

ITT Corporation’s (NYSE: ITT) Pure-Flo Advantage Compact Stainless (ACS) actuator is designed to withstand rigorous conditions in the biopharm and food and beverage industries. The ACS actuator combines a 316 stainless housing with a high cycle capable piston drive as well as a 316 stainless steel bonnet and cylinder construction. It also has a stainless steel piston and a high temperature piston seal and autoclave materials. It has an optional sealed bonnet and a stainless steel compressor and tube nut. Its compact size allows for space-saving system designs while engineering improvements in the ACS make it a useful alternative for clean-room use, lab environments, and other critical applications. Its electropolished exterior makes the ACS perfect for clean-room applications requiring both aesthetics and wash down compatibility. ITT Corporation http://www.itt.com