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Software connectivity and analytics system for improved process efficiency

Seeq Corporation announced the availability of connectivity to Inductive Automation’s Ignition…


IO-link system for improved decision making

Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock IO-Link master supports up to eight IO-Link devices,…

Thermal multimeter for improved troubleshooting applications

Fluke’s 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter is a test tool with an integrated a full-featured true RMS (TRMS) digital multimeter (DMM) with a thermal camera in one device to speed troubleshooting. The 279 FC is designed to allow technicians to quickly and safely check for hot spots in fuses, wires, insulators, connectors, splices, and switches with the imager and then troubleshoot and analyze issues with the DMM. The thermal multimeter features 15 electrical measurement functions including ac/dc voltage, resistance, continuity, and capacitance. The optional iFlex clamp can wrap around conductors and wires in tight, hard-to-reach spaces and expands its measurement capabilities to include ac current up to 2500 A. It is also part of Fluke Connect, which allows technicians to record and share both thermal images and electrical measurements in real time via their smartphones or tablets and automatically upload them to the cloud. The thermal multimeter also has a rechargeable lithium ion (Li-Ion