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Mobile robots projected to transform material handling and logistics industries

Mobile robots are expected to become a $150 billion market by 2038 according to a report by…


Encoder diagnostics tool for mobile use

Heidenhain’s PWT 100 is a compact device designed for checking the function and adjustment of encoders, and is ideal for mobile use. The PWT 100 incorporates a 4.3-in. touchscreen used for display and operation, along with supporting multiple serial interfaces such as EnDat 2.2, Fanuc serial interface, Mitsubishi high-speed interface, and Panasonic serial interface. Further feedback options, along with incremental signals, will become available in the future through software expansions and firmware updates. The PWT 100 supports a variety of functions depending on the encoder or the interface. The PWT 100 can be ordered with or without a service case and may come with a wall adapter power supply depending on the order. Heidenhain Corporation http://www.heidenhain.com