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Choosing between open- and closed-loop control

Closing the control loop provides insight into the behavior of the process.


Six questions to ask when choosing an open- or closed-loop hydraulic system

Choosing an open-loop or closed-loop hydraulic system is not easy and taking the time to look at…

Participation in Open Knowledge Communities and Job-Hopping: Evidence from Enterprise Software

Using longitudinal data of IT professionals’ activities in the SAP Community Network, and the career histories of these professionals obtained from LinkedIn, we investigate the relationship between an individual’s participation in Internet-enabled open knowledge communities and a major event of his/her career development: job-hopping. We measure individual participation in open knowledge communities by two dimensions of related activities: contribution and learning. We provide empirical evidence that contribution to knowledge communities leads to a higher likelihood of job-hopping, yet a greater amount of learning is associated with a higher probability of retention. We argue that the effect of contribution can be attributed to job market signaling and the effect of learning is primarily driven by enhanced job performance and career advancement within the current organization. A series of robustness tests were conducted to address the self-selection bias and to rule out some possi

U.S. ‘open for business’ as Obama opens Hannover Messe

HANNOVER, GERMANY: President Obama declared the United States “open for business” and delivered strong support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as part of the opening ceremony of Hannover Messe 2016. The United States is the Partner Country at Hannover Messe for the first time in the 70-year history of the event, and Obama received a warm welcome German chancellor Angela Merkel and from the 3,000 guests at the Hannover Centrum on Sunday, April 24. “Our guest is the biggest economy of the world, the most important trading partner of Germany, the United States,” said Stefan Schostok, lord mayor of Hannover, who opened the evening’s events. “We are proud for very first time to welcome an American president to our trade show. Welcome Mr. President.” Obama returned the warmth, and noted the historical significance of his attendance. “I’m pleased that this year, the United States is the Partner Country for the very first time. I am honored to be first U.S. presi