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Expansion in instrumentation with software, technology updates

Market update: Honeywell expands process automation and instrumentation products and channels to…


Pipeline inspection technology developed to inspect coatings

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) patented a technology to inspect coatings of pipelines…

Disruptive technology meets the intractable challenge of fugitive-gas emissions

Optical-gas imaging (OGI) makes gas clouds visible and operates as an infrared sensor capable of…

Revisiting Group-Based Technology Adoption as a Dynamic Process: The Role of Changing Attitude-Rationale Configurations

In this study, we set out to better understand the dynamics behind group-based technology adoption by investigating the underlying mechanisms of changes in collective adoption decisions over time. Using a longitudinal multi-case study of production teams in the British oil and gas industry, we outline how internally or externally triggered modifications to the constellation of adoption rationales and attitudes toward a focal technology between subgroups caused changes to adoption decisions within a team. The constellations further seemed to impact usage patterns including conflicts about ICT use and the stability of adoption. Based on these observations, we suggest that group-based adoption can be differentiated in qualitatively different technology adoption states (TAS), which emerge as the result of disparate attitude–rationale configurations across subgroups in a user collective. With this reconceptualization of collective adoption as technology adoption states, our study extends